Supermarket RD Toolbox

This page is intended for supermarket dietitians. It is also for dietitians that have discovered the opportunities of using local grocery stores as the best place to provide hands-on nutrition education. 

Supermarket Savvy
Linda McDonald, RD is the dietitian running the show for this invaluable tool for supermarket dietitians. Even if you're not a dietitian, the Supermarket Savvy resources can help shoppers find great, healthy products. I subscribe to the monthly newsletter which focuses on 1-2 topics (for example: "salad dressings"), offers reviews for products with an RD-star rating system. 

There are a few things that set this newsletter apart from others. 
(1) It is written by a supermarket-savvy who is also a dietitian (what a concept!).

(2) Everyone loves free stuff -- this newsletter regularly has "special offers" designed for dietitians to get a free sample of the product. Any product would be silly not to offer this -- I cannot tell you how many times someone has recommended a product to me...but until I actually get to taste it myself....I'm usually a bit apprehensive. Take advantage of the offers! Fortunately, as a supermarket dietitian myself, I usually get samples anyway (but this is not a guarantee!).

Food & Culinary Professionals - A Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association

If you're a dietitian, you have more than 20 dietetic practice groups to choose from with your annual membership dues. If you are serious about food industry issues, culinary and supermarket-related information, this is definitely a group for you. The biggest value for me is their "Supermarket RD Listserv" that is open only to members. 

FCP's Mission Statement:  Empower members to be the nation’s food, culinary and nutrition leaders.
FCP's Vision:
Optimizing the nation's health through food and nutrition.

Phil Lempert is the Supermarket Guru
Honestly, I don't know how this guy does it. I receive at least 1 email per day and regularly receive emails that are chock-full of useful information in planning future in-store promotions; ideas for improving B2B; and much more. I've written a few consumer columns for "the guru" and find my relationship with Phil to be extremely valuable. I think you will too. 

There are many things that are valuable on this site.
(1) The Lempert Report is great reading to give you the inside track on new trends, ideas, and events that are happening 'in food."

(2) Consumer Panel: Guru Phil has amassed thousands of consumers who regularly provide feedback on issues, products and trends. These are not paid people, nor do they have any other incentive to participate as a panel member than for the mere glory of sharing a personal opinion. 

If you're not afraid of've gotta sign up for updates for the Supermarket Guru!

Publications - Keep Your Pulse on What's Happening in Grocery

Supermarket News 

Progressive Grocery

Whole Foods Magazine (not the supermarket chain!)

Industry Events

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