Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introduction to Nutrition SKUnews

I'm here to help shoppers in Arizona and throughout the country to eat & shop healthier. My goal is to help customers stay informed about important health & nutriton issues that impact decisions made at the grocery store. Posts will cover nutrition-related information on food trends, food product labeling and health & wellness marketing. With over 40,000 products found in most supermarkets today, along with multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns intended to attract customers, making the best nutritional choices can be challenging.

I am a Registered Dietitian for a locally-owned and operated supermarket chain in Arizona. As a supermarket dietitian, I believe there is a great potential to impact the public health of the customers in Arizona. Funding for health & wellness campaigns in many retailers nationwide are supported by food manufacturers. This may seem like a conflict of interest (in some situations), however, as a dietitian, my goal is to serve as an advocate for the customer and their health. There is great potential as a supermarket dietitian to educate both customers and retailers on healthy food choices. The bottom line...we sell groceries and cater to our customers. You have the power to vote with your food purchases. The more you vote with healthy foods, the more these foods will be available in your stores!

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